Morning sitting meditation in Cocktailbäret

Between 07.00-08.00 on May 21 and 28 in Cocktailbäret, we invite you to join us to start your day with meditation. Everyone is invited, whether you have never meditated before or you are an experienced practitioner.

We offer 2 x 25 minutes of meditation. First period with instructions and then 25 minutes in silence. Please bring cusion and blanket/yoga mat, as we still dont have enough cusions. Instructions are in english. 

Led by Anna Platunova (degree in Japanology with specialization in Japanese Zen Buddhism) who has lived in the Japanese Zen monastery Sogenji (Okayama Japan) for several years. Student of Japanese Zen teacher Shodo Harada Roshi since 2007.

Everyone is welcome!


Anna Platunova 0736164610